Bakais Web Development

What I Can Do For You!


Setting up the Linux, Appache, Mysql with a basic website written in php.

Setting all the services in the server such as dns, email, virtual hosting and ftp.

This includes setting your virtual or dedicated servers. I can also work with shared hostings

Fully or partially managing your servers from the set up to daily, weekly or monthly checks. You are in commads and you who sets the tasks

Coding & Frameworks

Implementing your projects in CMS for example drupal or MVC such as Symfony

Procedural and OOP in php inlcuding hardcoding or off the shelf solutions


Designing and Implementing your network including topology, devices, servers and connections

Implementing a TCP based network in LAN and WAN

From small soho network to more sophisticated one with users and central login


Over 10 years exprience with web technologies, I have specialized in server side and I am improving my skills in the client side technologies

I have mastered html and css in the client side and actively learning javascript

I can work with various client side libraries including the javascript jquery and jquery-ui.

I can use twiter Bootstrap, the quist way to cater for device compatiblites, browser support in javascript and css

Please read my CV for more information


You will be advied on the best approach to solve your problem domain

Advice on webhosting, server operating systems, server management tools and server security

I can advice you on the skills required to accomplish your project

The number of employees required to carry on the task

Budget and resources required to seccessfully implement your product


What to do and don't do in the SEO world

Advice on how to avoid content duplication

User exprience, lowring the bounce rate and increase user duration and involvement


I can provide you training for the service purchased

Providing Drupal training, including installation, configuration and module writing

HTML and CSS training, translating design to code

Ubuntu and Centos servers training